My first rule – and that of any professional male escort – is to be totally discreet and to respect the fact you might not wish to divulge your life story.

A close second relates to the quality of being a good listener. Therefore, whilst out on a date with The Chocolatier Male Escort you’ll never be fighting to get a word in edgeways. Being  a skilled conversationalist comes naturally.

You’ll also find that I’m comfortable in any social situation, so a wedding date with your friends and family in attendance would be the best day of your life (well, maybe a close second).

I’m a caring, attentive person with a subtle air of confidence and certain presence that is definitely understated.

In terms of looks, I’m an attractive mixed-race guy, with the build of an athletic rugby player (15 stone 5 pounds or 98kg). And at just over six foot tall you could call me a man mountain, but I’m really a big soft pussy cat.

I possess the touch of a skilled masseur, honed whilst learning to play the piano. Something I’m still passionate about to this day.

My other hobbies include strenuous physical exercise, and motorbikes. When I’m not sweating down at the gym I love blasting country lanes on my 900cc motorbike. There’s nothing like having a powerful machine between your thighs. You should give it  a try!

Of course I’m a non-smoker, but I don’t mind if you partake.

In terms of wardrobe I prefer the classic look. However, what’s important is the type of occasion and how you’d prefer me to look. And yes, I would be prepared to knock on your hotel door wearing black motorbike leathers.

Ultimately, my goal is your complete satisfaction and pleasure, whether it’s a corporate event, intimate dinner… If I were a chocolate in a box you’d choose me every time. Once tasted, never forgotten.

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