How old are you?
I’m in my early forties.
Do you have an age limit, on woman you will meet?
No I have no age limit, as long as you’re over 18.
I’m apprehensive because I don’t know much about you. Have you been CRB checked?
Yes I have a recent CRB check, and have no criminal convictions.
I am going on a trip abroad, and would like a quality travel companion. Would you accompany me?
I have a valid full British passport, and would love to travel with you.
Do you male escort couples?
Yes I do escort couples, but please remember I am 100% straight.
Is it legal to hire a male escort?
Yes it is. You are only paying for time and companionship, and should anything else happen, then that would be a personal decision taken between consenting adults of legal age.
When do I pay you?
Upon first meeting I expect payment in full in an unsealed envelope. Sometimes if my travel distances are far I may ask for a deposit.
I have a disability, would you escort me?
Of course. If you have any requirements please just give me a ring or mail, and let me know.

I am concerned about my safety, and discretion. What assurances can you give?
Your safety and mine, are very important. I always advise meeting in a public place, and letting a friend know where you’re going, and what time you’ll be back. Your discretion is 100% assured. Your contact details, emails etc, will never be passed on or viewed by another party. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Why haven’t you got a full facial picture on your website?
Just simply to protect my anonymity and your discretion. High profile clients may not want everyone knowing they are out with a professional male escort! If you’re not entirely satisfied with the way I look, or have a change of heart for any other reason, I will not be offended, if you decide not to go ahead with the date. Any fee received will be returned less my travel expenses.

Are you willing to be filmed or photographed?
The short answer is no, but if you have a camera and want some snaps taken, I’ll be happy to take them for you.

What can I expect from the service that you offer?
Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.
I will be freshly shaved and showered.
I will be dressed appropriately.
I will be punctual.
I will polite, respectful and show good manners at all times.
When I’m with you, you’ll be the centre of my attention.
I will do my best to fit in with your desires.

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