Chocolatier Straight Male Escort’s 8 Top Traits For A Male Companion.

1. Look after your skin particularly your face. Go to superdrug and get some expensive make up. Only joking! Just moisturise regularly and exfoliate. It will make you look instantly more attractive and younger.

2. Woman love shoes, they spend a fortune on them. Get yourself a top quality pair of hand made shoes, they will prove to be a good investment. If you can only get one colour get black, it goes with most outfits.

3. Keep your pc (pubococcygeus )muscles in shape, easiest way to do this is stopping the stream when urinating. This cures premature ejaculation and helps you perform great in the sac!

4.Keep physically fit, running swimming etc, and learn to hold yourself well, if you hold yourself like an alpha male, eventually you’ll become one.

5. Get yourself a tailered suit, they are quite pricey but you simply can’t beat them. In a tailored suit you can comfortably seduce any woman anywhere in the world!

6. Try to read a bestseller once in a while, or if you don’t have the time, a good quality newspaper. This really helps to develop a well rounded vocabulary, not necessarily because you want to become a Countdown Champion, but to become more articulate and communicate more efficiently.

7. Be confident, as women really find this an attractive trait, and remember to smile, smiling makes anyone seem more approachable.

8. Lastly and most importantly be a good listener…listen more than you talk, so you fully understand your client’s needs.

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